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Why Us

Experience, Knowledge, Results!

Elite Advertising

Your home is presented to an affluent, upscale national audience through prestige media brands like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, and many more.

Global Exposure

We go to the ends of the earth to sell your home, showcasing it to a network of investors and buyers on over 100 International Real Estate search sites in key markets throughout Asia, Europe, South America and more, translated to their language and currencies.

Luxe Presentation

First Impressions make all the difference. That’s why we use dazzling magazine-quality photography, professional video, and the best in 3D visualization technology to make sure your home inspires love at first sight.

Established Presence

Our team have been residents and active community members in Fairfield County. Luxe Latitudes Team of Compass’ team members are well-versed in the market and understand the importance of educating buyers so they can make an informed purchase, with strong resale potential.

Full Service

Luxe Latitudes Team of Compass’ service goes well beyond the home purchase, acting as a “Portal” to the community with an abundance of resources for everything buyers need to purchase and live in Fairfield County.

Family First

Luxe Latitudes Team of Compass will provide a mother’s helper for their buyers with young children to make the search process more efficient and less stressful. Ask us about this special offering.

Cutting Edge

Our tools and technology will allow Luxe Latitudes Team of Compass clients to tour homes from the privacy of your own home in real-time or through a special tour feed.

Compass Workplace

COMPASS Workplace is an internal collaboration for agents to assist in locating the perfect property for buyer’s needs. Workspace acts as COMPASS” own internal “Facebook” where agents can collaborate together to find the right fits for their clients and share off-market opportunities not available through standard search tools.

Compass Collections

COMPASS Collections makes the buyer’s search process and agent / client collaboration extremely easy and efficient! Listings and updates fitting the search criteria, feed in real time to the collection. Compass’s proprietary technology has streamlined the home search and buying process. This is simply the best buyer’s tool available!

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